2014 Tour de France, Stage 10: Mulhouse > La Planche des Belles Filles 161.5 Km

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Jun 19, 2013
DirtyWorks said:
Two weeks to go. That's a long time.

Look at it from a different angle, Nibali is expending great effort in the first week and perhaps some of the GC contenders are expending a bit less. The great efforts should, in theory, catch up to him later on and perhaps another GC contender will have something in reserve.
Agreed Astana`s work rate will become an issue, but when Nibali made his move, no one matched it. He does look the strongest and has the maillot jaune, if everyone is waiting for him to fade away it could be a long wait.
Nibali has only really made two major moves, one on the cobbles and one today IMHO he is measuring his effort with a great deal of sense.
Pricey_sky said:
I agree especially Mollema after his good Tour last year.
People need to put things into perspective. Mollema is at, I think, 99,9% of the level of last year.
The difference is that Pinot, Van Garderen are back at their right levels. That Valverde isn't blown away by echelons, that Bardet is new and that Peraud finally doesn't have bad luck.

Try to look at it objectively. Mollema finishes at the same distance of the best riders as last year. He is a fairly limited rider.. He doesn't have the ability of Pinot or Valverde who stay within 15 seconds of JNibali. Even with all the fallen riders he still finishes around the level he had last year. Last year the weak field was masked by a fantastic Froome, Quintana and Rodriguez. ;)
Pricey_sky said:
Gutted for Contador, nice win Nibali. He really has to win this now he may never get a better chance with the top 2 now out and Quintana not there.

A final moan for Valverde! What on earth is this guy on? Just sit there at the back of the chasers and let Nibali ride away. Does he not even want to win this race? As usual he sprint past most of them in the final metres to make himself look great, I honestly hope he doesn't even make the podium!

Did not even try to help either!!
Jul 22, 2011
Frosty said:
Just updated - Machado and Schillinger missed the time limit.
43m down, damn. What was the time cut?

Probably no chance for a dispensation for just two riders of "lesser" nationalities from a ProConti team. Though coming back from the dead, with an on-screen blurb that I've never seen before, no less, would be a good reason on my book.
May 19, 2011
Escarabajo said:
I would not put too much stock on those numbers. It was very short climb. And the time that Nibali was climbing away was even shorter. So expect high numbers anyway.
make sense, but today stage was hard and weather was not good at all
deValtos said:
JCP getting better every year, looking good with the 54km TT at the end of the tour.
If not JCP, I hope that one of the two French kids gets a top-5. Both finished in the top-5 today, and there will be more mountain-top finishes. And with all the casualties that seem to plague this year's TdF, who knows...