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2016 Giro d'Italia, Stage 18: Muggiò - Pinerolo (240 km)

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Aug 16, 2013
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Re: Re:

Pantani_lives said:
Arredondo said:
Like i said, nobody (Valverde. Chaves, Nibali, Zakarin) will try to win this Giro anymore.
Kruijswijk does look like he could easily answer any attack, but at least they could try. Now they didn't even use the clilmb to isolate him, so it's beginning to look like they've already accepted that Kruijswijk is going to win the Giro.

This was the best chance for Valverde to put Kruijswijk under pressure. He will lose time anyway in the next stages. So he's happy with 3rd.

I understand Chaves. First podium up for grabs. But Bala is 36 and normally this is his last chance to win a GT.

But i even understand Valverde. It's not Contador.
I see that all of the "nothing will happen" naysayers have been starved for attention this Giro because this past week things keep happening. But out in force today when it makes sense for all contenders to keep their powder dry for the next two days of monster climbing. But at least you got to spout your NWH today :)