2016 TdF, Stage 12: Montpellier → Mont Ventoux (178km)

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Serious implications here for the future of spectators on the side of the road. Not helped by shortening the stage so there was less road to watch from but even so we can't be seeing this repeated. They have serious decisions ahead.

SeriousSam said:
OMG Porte is the unluckiest rider in the history of the universe
He sure is. FFS.

But if the time gaps are kept then he'll gain back over a minute on Froome, and if he's the first or second strongest in the race then he can still podium and possibly win, though this has all got to demoralise he (and Chris) a lot.

Is there a 3km rule here??
Mar 14, 2016

DFA123 said:
Something has to be done about the fans here. I guess they closed up in front and the motorbike was forced to brake, and Porte chose the wrong time to be attacking. Fans were a disgrace on this climb.
My "favourite" was the one holding a sign and wearing what looked like Tinkoff kit who continued to jump in front of the camera even as the Quintana group was being held up.
Re: Re:

Wallace said:
Pantani Attacks said:
Are we all in agreement that Froome running up Ventoux like Big Bird is the greatest cycling moment of all time? I'm in tears laughing!
It's funny only if you don't like bike racing.
Well to be honest, if they sort this out by giving Porte and Froome the st as Mollema and if nothing bad happened to Froome and Porte due to the crash. Then in retrospect it will be quite funny.

But more than anything it's a disgrace for the sport, and unfortunately a long time coming.