2020 Tour de France route rumors

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I wouldn't call 36k a short TT.
It's as sad as seeing the climbers almost systematically outclimbed by the TTers
That's nothing new.

What is new, is that the 'climbers' are also outclimbed by the same TTers. In 2018 Froome, Roglic, Dumoulin and Thomas were the best climbers. So.. that's really on the climbers that they are so incapable of even riding away from the TT-ers on 'their' terrain.

In fact, I wouldn't call current day 'climbers' , like Quintana, Landa, etc even climbers anymore. Just less good GC men.
one dimensional climbers route it is.

Funny because probably still a JV/Ineos TT/Climber wins (Roglic, Froome, Thomas, Bernal, Dumoulin) so it doesn't matter. But still... one dimensional route. Bit sad.
That was really aided by the large amount of tricky flat stages and a cobbled stsge right beforebthe mountains. Now the big engines have nothing in their favor
No gimmick mountaon stages
No Peyragudes
No Tourmalet
No Alpe dHuez
New climbs
Longest ITT since 2014
Few sprint stages

9/10 bois
No points for early mountain stages?

Pretty good other than the relatively pointless Pau/Laruns effort (I would have taken a Pau ITT repeat). Similar sort of stage rotation to my mock 2013 Tour IIRC.