2020 World Championships - now confirmed for Imola, Italy.

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That's the key part. It's very likely to be raining in Harrogate, which it did the entire Worlds last year. It's much less likely to rain in Imola and it appears will be dry for the vast majority of the long weekend. That U-23 TT with riders riding through basically a lake was crazy. I felt bad for them.

Isn't heat still weather? Although I suspect it was more wind that caused the echelons. However, that would still technically count as weather as well. :)

On the other hand, I think this actually shows that unless you have a very favorable course the majority of riders are going to drop out anyway as they see no reason to finish.
Wrong. Did you watch the Women’s elite race that was bathed in glorious sunshine the whole day.

It was also fairly dry during the men’s junior road race.

I went to watch both elite road races and the conditions on Saturday were very comfortable to ride in.

Sunday was cold and very wet but it was far wetter than average for late September in North Yorkshire. Trust me on this one as I live about 20 miles from there.

For me the biggest problem with wet weather is all the rain jackets covering up race numbers and kits making identification of riders more difficult.
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Big question mark over what Chloe Dygert's shape will be like because obviously she hasn't been over to race in Europe this year and next to no racing in North America has gone down. She was insane last year so if she has decent form she should still be the favourite. If not her, I'd say van der Breggen; she was getting stronger by the day toward the end of the Giro after a minor blip in the middle of it, and obviously there's no Annemiek here. Based on how strong she was last year I'd have thought that unless something goes very wrong Dygert should have the legs to podium at least mind. Time may have caught up with Zabelinskaya and Neben, both were completely anonymous in the Corsa Rosa, but both have been pretty clear mayflies for the Worlds TT before - at 40 and 45 respectively, however, it only gets more difficult from here. Marlen Reusser is a medal wildcard that, with a few key names missing, isn't so wild anymore. No Longo Borghini, Klein, Uttrup, Novolodskaya or Moolman-Pasio after the Giro, and a few interesting exotic entries like the Icelanders and the Barbadian Amber Joseph.