Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 12: Siena – Bagno di Romagna 212 km

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This stage will be more exciting than the previous one

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With the race starting Saturday, that would mean stage 1 and 2 are "week 1" - and the stages after the last rest day would be "week 4" ;)

I think - to most - "week 1" is "everything before the first rest day" - and what "week" we are in, is determined by the rest days?
I agree that, in GT terms, it makes sense to separate the 3 weeks of the GT by the rest days, so the first week is the longest. Why is it 10 days this time around actually instead of 9 though? ...
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No one has ever said "those stages in week 0 were awesome" ;)

BTW - I edited the previous post after you responded.
We could start a new thing (Week 0). For me, because so little seems to happen in the 1st week of GTs, I tend to think of the the “1st Week” as everything that comes before the usual place of the first rest day.

ed. Oops, like you’all just said while I was typing:)