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Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 4: Piacenza - Sestola 186 km

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Whoever is surprised by Almeida should have seen last Giro that he is no natural born climber. He can hang on, but he is no Contador / Landa / Vlasov / Bernal. He has a very good TT and is relatively light but that's it.

Evenepoel could be the same kind of rider, but because he hung on until long, we still don't know, it was an atypical day with the rain, and guys like Evenepoel not in top racing shape suffer more in those circumstances. The fact that Yates wasn't there as well, should be more shocking to the Evenepoel doubters.

It's clear Bernal is showing signs of the 'old' Bernal. I really hope so at least. Vlasov is my dark horse, and I hope Landa keeps attacking, and Carthy stays in the mix as well. We are up to a great Giro it seems.
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Biggest losers are Jumbo with both Bennett and Foss losing time.

Lesser losers are Bora (Buchmann lost time and Fabbro was nowhere) and probably QS as doubt they wanted Almeida to lose that much time.
Yes, this is my take. I don't really think Bennett is a GC rider; more like a good mountain domestique.

I didn't think Almeida would crack -- lose some time, maybe. But I actually think DQS is glad that the leadership issue is settled so early. Almeida and Masnada can work for Remco now; if Remco isn't ready to challenge for GC then they all can hunt stages.

The rest of the GC riders looked fine; Bernal needed to take back some time today, although he might have showed more than he wanted to -- his form looked really, really good. He might also have been testing his back, too.

Dombrowski raced strong and smart. Chapeau bas!
Yes, but since he's not an attacker I think it's going to be too late by then.
He is far from not being an attacker. He usually attacks when his shape is good. He did so back in the Vuelta, in the Dauphines hes been riding for GC before focussing on the Tour, he did it at Basque Country etc.

It's just that he can't do it often because he lacks the explosiveness and needs to choose his moments right, to not get closed down immediately with ease by others.
It's a funny comment, but everyone starts somewhere. What fun would it be not to make predictions and just analyse results in hindsight? ;)
It's a good result, but not great for Evenepoel. I don't think there's a way to bend this into him being the main favorite for the GC.

If anything Evenepoel has typically more excelled on the short stuff than on the big climbs.