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Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 4: Piacenza - Sestola 186 km

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I really like the way Victor Campenearts seems to be re inventing himself this season. With the TT contenders evolving all the time, Victor seems to have decided on being an all out attacking rider from now on. Always up for going in the break now it seems.

Great to see!
Actually the main favorites will win today, just because the first greatly anticipated crazy stage with an insane breakaway battle gets an extremely lame break 90% of GTs

Yeah, the more the peloton fights against the breakaway the less likely it is for a competent break to get formed.

Even just the front duo would still have a (small) chance though if the peloton lets off.
To be fair, this is the section through the Po floodplain. It's never the most visually arresting even when we do have pictures. Hopefully it clears up when we start to get into the Apennines, because this is genuinely a really well-designed and nice-looking medium-mountain stage of the type that we don't get often enough. The Vuelta uses this kind of finishing climb a lot, I know, but typically designed in such a way that nothing else could possibly be decisive. This stage chains together those last three climbs (including the uncategorised one) really nicely in a way better than we're used to from Settimana Coppi e Bartali, the main smaller race that uses this area, and although the last climb is the hardest, there's no real respite for the legs beforehand so if teams approach this hard, domestiques could be hard to come by as soon as we arrive at the bottom of it, while it's not out of the realms of possibility for a climbing-adept baroudeur to inject themselves into the GC mix or to make it from a break by attacking before the Cà Frati road.