Giro d'Italia 2021 Giro d'Italia, Stage 4: Piacenza - Sestola 186 km

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Until they realize there's a GC threat ahead, the situation would've been more-less as it is at the moment.
Not talking about the first echelon of contenders... someone who could complicate the things deep in the race.
There's probably several in the break who could be a pain in the ass for the next week or two if they get 5-10 minutes today, which is starting to look less likely.
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People often post they wish for WET conditions - Today, shows why wet conditions are not conducive to receiving an uninterrupted coverage
Yes. I dont like wet conditions topo much for it. Today is one of the few days I can see the race on TV, and I dont have images and it will be difficult to have. and they talk in basque, a lenguaje I dont understand too much