Giro d'Italia 2022 Giro d'Italia, Stage 7: Diamante – Potenza 196 km (Friday, May 13th)

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I think at the start of Sirino they were already minutes behind.
I guess it makes some sense that in stages where the breakaway wins the first hour of the stage is much faster than the last hour. The peloton wasn't pacing very hard and didn't put much time into the leaders while only Dumoulin was really pacing that.
Congratulations to Koen Bouwman for taking the stage win and Dumoulin for nurturing him through the stage.

Was a nice stage to watch. Didn't intend to watch it but when i read who won and who was in the breakaway i just had to watch the replay. And it was worth it. Formolo and Mollema did a great job too. Not sure if i get Ineos though. Maybe Yates won't need a strong team after all.
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