2022 National Championships

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Here's the startlist of the Italian NC:

With the big teams lacking many riders and the Italian PCT teams having the numbers they really should try an ambush tactic by sending their riders on the attack. The route isn't that hard that you can just beat everyone with brute strength, so if the PCT teams form an alliance and send guys on the attack all the time and try to disrup the chase they actually have a chance. Team radios are also not allowed at the Italian NC.

Of the big teams only Astana and Trek have more than 4 riders, UAE is missing Ulissi and for Quickstep Ballerini will have to do a ton of work early on.
Of course I'll be cheering for the ct sputnik Celano.:D
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Saw the Danish women peloton at about 30 k 30 minutes ago. A front group of about 7 had about 3.30 on the peloton where I (think) I spotted Julie Leth, Amalie D, CUL, hope Norsgaard was there as well bc I also saw two riders sitting in the organisation car after a crash.
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Bardiani has 4 riders in the 8 men breakaway in Italy after 35kms of racing, while Eolo Kometa tries to keep the breakaway in check (probably riding for Albanese). I can understand why, but they should have send a rider on the attack and let the WT teams to the work...
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