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2022 National Championships

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The 17% climb Skovbakkevej in Aalborg could still become decisive at the Danish championships. The leading group consists of Johansen, Bevort, Kamp, Vinjebo, Bendixen. The favourites including Mads Pedersen almost caught them, but there is still a gap. And with 13 kilometers to the finish it has started to rain, and thunder is heard. Still everything can happen. :)

4 guys under 24 in the top in Italy. 2 of them are former u23 WCs, Zana has a 2nd place at the Tour de l'avenir (by hook or by crook) and Piccolo won an EC MJ ITT and finished 3rd one year earlier in Innsbruck when Remco crushed all life on earth.
Hopefully a signs of thing to come, because Nibali, Pozzovivo and Caruso won't be able to carry Italian cycling forever...

I believe that Zana is going to Bike Exchange in 2023 - They've had mixed results with Italians.
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Did Remco actually win the Belgian RR on a nearly flat course?

Nope. He was out of the battle for 90% of the race until the 2nd peleton came back. He made a good Jump to the 2 leaders (vanmarcke & stuyven, almost riding away from them, but VanMarcke closed that gap (barely). Eventually they all looked at each other and the peleton got back and Merlier won the sprint by 20cm or something like that.
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