Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro D’Italia Route Rumors

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Big fan of the ITTs and more so the placings of them. No boring, penultimate panflat time trial TDF bullcrap. But two in what is essentially the first week and then a MTT in the final week is really good. Big fan of the Seregno > Bergamo stage.
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Cancel the Lussari MTT, make the mid Giro ITT at least 10kms longer and replace Lussari with a Trieste stage with a hard hilly circuit. That would be one hell of a Giro route.
Still, ignoring the final MTT this one is rock solid. A good amount of kms of ITT, 3 Tapponi and at least 2 hard, giro style, hilly stages. A proper gt route without gimmick mini-mountain stages or an extra steep ramp on top of a perfectly fine climb.
Link to the profiles?
Best I can offer you for now:

Edit: here it comes:
Stage 13:

Stage 15:

Stage 16:

Stage 18:

Stage 19:

Stage 20:
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