Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro D’Italia Route Rumors

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Quite a few potential sprint stages, the MTT is an eyesore, every mountain stage is a MTF, there's some unfortunate flats before said MTFs and the mountains are somehow even more backloaded than usual.

Yet it's still a good route. Crans-Montana, Monte Bondone and Zoldo Alto are all above expectations, Tre Cime we already knew was really good, and there's a strong supporting cast of mid-mountain stages, plus a decent amount of TT.

I also lol'd at the MTT profile, which makes Lussari look like Everest.
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Is a decent route, the heart of the organisers is in the right places.

The final stage is a joke. I would take out one of the ITT from earlier and put it as the final stage somewhere North, to get rid of this annoying transfer and sketchy criterium in Rome that nobody really want.

Slightly too many ITT km for me but not so bad, and the mountain stages are good. Shame there is no mountains stage with a descent in the finish.
I think backloading is only really bad if the GC isn't shaken up by like the middle of week 2 which the ITTs and the early MTFs should be alright with.

I wish there were more descent finishes and with the ITTs I was hoping for one or two miserably long mountain stages rather than a lot of stages between 180-210km but good route.
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Well let's hope Alpecin doesn't decide to send Mareczko cause there's like one actual flat stage in the first 2 weeks. Other pure sprinters need to hope a guy like Pedersen doesn't try the Giro or they will be dropped in almost every "sprint" stage.
You should look at the full profiles rather than the miniatures with exaggerated y-axes. Stages 2, 5, 6 and 11 are all near certainties, stages 3, 10 and 14 are opportunities to varying extents (also between sprinters) and then there are two pan-flat stages in the final half. 6-9 sprints is quite a lot, really.

Whether Mareczko can survive them is irrelevant as he will DNF or OTL on stage 3 if he isn't careful, if he even starts.
Stage 8 is underrated, Capuccini is 2kms at over 10% and Monte delle Cesane is 7.75kms at 7% with an 18% steep section.

Right after the 218km long stage with the Campo Imperatore MTF it's gonna hurt.
Capuccini is the murito that they did twice on that 2019 Tirreno stage that Lutsenko won after being on the attack, crashing on the final descent, getting caught and still beating the gc guys on the line.
Looks like a very hard, relatively balanced (70 ITT k's is still nothing historically) course. Would liked to have seen a bit more interest in the first week but other than that it looks awesome. Hope they get a field to match the parcours!

Oh...I mean, this, that and the other thing suck! This is CN forums after all, we have to complain about the route...right? :D
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Ok, did Zomegnan just kidnap Vegni to take his place? That Giro looks super hard overall to me.
That Coi climb to Zoldo Alto is 4kms always over 10% with ramps up to 19% and the Aldeno side of Bondone is ideal to create really big gaps as a MTF because the steepest parts come rather early (and it's a tappone).
Nice to see that the final stage is a proper Fori Imperiali parade stage, if you finish in Rome you do it right. That one has the potential to be at least as stunning as the final parade in Paris.
Oh...I mean, this, that and the other thing suck! This is CN forums after all, we have to complain about the route...right?
Of course. There are none Mortirolo, Finestre, Stelvio, Gavia or Fedaia, climbs that in combo with other climbs really to prompt action far from the stage finish. Now the best mountain stage could be diminished by that stupid MTT and we'll probably won't see any action until the last climb on the Bondone and Crans stages.
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None ITT will ever be as good as the best versions of Finestre-Sestriere, Mortirolo-Aprica or similar stages.
don't believe i said it would be.

then again you qualify yourself by comparing ITTs only with "the best of" certain mountain stages. what about just comparing them with any other type of stage? chances that you have GC movement and drama is built into an ITT (because it is the race of truth and no one can hide). not necessarily built into any other type of stage (as 2020 Giro is a prime example, LOL!)

also, mountain stages are likely to be more exciting now as the purer climbers can no longer wait...
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