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Giro d'Italia 2023 Giro d'Italia: Who is going to win? First rest day poll.

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Who will win the 2023 Giro d'Italia?

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My god, as if remco having to go isn't tragic enough on its on i just realized how much this has increased the likelihood of a massive Skytrain bulldozing through the Alps now with Thomas in pink.
Gotta bank on Roglic staying healthy and sharp, otherwise this Giro is doomed.

If Skytrain is all they've got, they'll get destroyed.

That's with Rog staying in top shape of course. I also think Jumbo are for some reason vastly underestimated in this Giro, i.e. Bouwman, Kuss & Hessmann have been there with Rog when he's needed them so far. Likewise Affini on the flat is as good as anyone in his sort of role in this race, especially considering Ineos don't have Ganna anymore.

Anyway I won't play coy, i.e. without Evenepoel & the great unknown he represented in this race (aka a rider who can smash ITT's & potentially climb with the best), Rog's outlook in this race is now much more straightforward: survive Covid, crashes & keep that form improving.

Natural selection will do the rest.
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The new GC doesn't exactly scream entertaining racing from here on, unless G shows signs of weaknesses as early as Friday.
I just don’t get this talk about the Giro being deflated. Yes, it lost a star performer who we all wanted to see at his best. But I see the race having the possibility to be even more wide open with chances for those just outside the top 3 to go for it in the mtns. Jumbo doesn’t have a chance team to control the race, and while Ineos does, they’ll have to find a way to drop Roglic at some point.
The last 2 stages convinced me to change my pre-race vote from Remco to Roglic. I thought he'd have 2 minutes in hand after today. But only having 45 seconds, and a whole pack of solid riders within 3 minutes means he's going to have to fend off attacks left and right. And I don't think he'll get much help.

My takeaway is that Remco has slightly underperformed while a number of others have done better than I expected.

The real wildcard is covid, unfortunately.
Bold and accurate (unfortunately) prediction.
I thought Evenepoel would win just based off his slow ascendancy to the top and the older riders being slowly faded out with Roglic and Almeida filling the podium. I think Roglic and Tao will be the main favorites and rightfully so based off their past pedigree and team respectively. The problem for Roglic and Jumbo is they have to cover Ineos, UAE, and Bora. They did it with ease in 2021 at the Vuelta but I think it’s a weaker Roglic and team. At the end, I would like Almeida to steal the party. If not a Rolgic win to continue to cap off his amazing career or Tao would be nice.
Can Roglic really take on the whole Ineos team?

Yup. Why not?

It's not even the 'whole team', they're a man down. And Jumbo all work for one rider & as always it'll be the high mountains which decide this Giro.

If Rog isn't sick or injured, he'll do what he does best & the result will come to him.

I swear to God if Pogacar was sitting 2 seconds behind G Thomas in a Grand Tour after the first rest day, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.