42nd Vuelta a Burgos (2.PRO) // July 28th - August 1st 2020

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Yeah, looks like the 8" 10" and 16" guys were all given the same time. Some of that was clearly off before. For example, Landa was clearly with the Valverde group but was given 10"
In fact, Valverde had a bigger gap to Almeida than Landa to the Valverde group in my opinion. So this is fair. Don't know about the 16 second group.
The way they take the times on uphill finishes has annoyed me for some time. It does not seem fair and it does not encourage riders to give their all.

Regarding the finish today: Neither Bennett nor the DQS strategy looked great today. As it has for this whole mini-season. I had expected Gaviria to take it before, but after they had pulled out those three I had somehow changed my mind, although Richese was still there.
Morkov and Archbold were out of position anyways.
Exactly. Bennett was in the really small front group that wasn't affected. He, Gaviria, and Démare were all almost perfectly placed but Gaviria was bold and took the biggest chance in the turn. He actually passed Démare in the turn when the latter was in perfect position in 2nd wheel going into it.