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Astarloa, De Bonis, Caucchioli, Lobato and Serrano are the 5 blood passport victims

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180mmCrank said:
Sounds like a hit - count me in - where do I sign up?

Maybe we could have a web site to run along side it with cycling news and stuff...or maybe not :rolleyes:

tell how your crazy uncle dresses and i'll do the part.... bring my .357 .... no, not really, i don't own a guy... don't want scare someone. :eek:
Mar 19, 2009
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issoisso said:
Different drugs have different effects in different riders. Willy Voet describes this well in his book. That something like oxyglobin for instance had ZERO effect on some riders and made others that were low-end domestiques suddenly fly.

When EPO became mainstream, all the top riders were "washed away" extremely quickly. The change in winners was more sudden than it's ever been....ever. And it's not because the previous winners weren't taking it....(some excepted, of course)

This true... Not all guys will see the same gains by jacking their crits... And some dont go all the way to 59% because their too scared. Some are lucky to see 12% higher FTP power, others will see 25% more..

Festina for the 1996 TdF were all at 54% crit on epo. But Riis was at 60% aka "Mr. 60%." He destroyed the top Festina climbers...including Richard on mountain tops and he easily won that Tour.