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Best excuse or denial for doping!

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Wow, this one is not even that funny because WADA’s handling is bat-sh*t crazy and obviously politically or image protection motivated. Can you imagine the blowback from China and elsewhere if they banned 23 athletes en mass before the Olympics?

This could be a great strategy for large teams. If all athletes dope with the same product you just have a blanket excuse ready (common dining, AC system, whatever) and then if the drugs are detected the IOC or WADA have to deal with a too-big-to-fail problem.
Indeed! What are the odds that TMZ gets gets in the kitchen and all over the place? I mean, "it did not explain how a prescription drug available only in pill form had contaminated the kitchen"
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Here's an oldie but goldie that I had not heard about - watch out for lightning!
  • June 2011
    Lightning Strikes Women’s World Cup Team
    Five players on the North Korean women’s World Cup team fail a drug test—the result, North Korean officials explain, of steroids that were mistakenly ingested after lightning struck the athletes during training. The lightning strike is also offered as a reason for the team’s 2-0 loss to the United States.

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