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I was just having a look at the startlist of Giro Ciclistico d'Italia:
Almost half of the riders have either the same last name as another rider I already know or a name that seems very similar to another rider I already know.

But the best of all is the Italian version of Simon Carr- Simone Carro. EF really need to sign him for 2022. :p
unbelievable nobody mentions not one vino BUT TWO OF THEM :oops:

Nicolas and Alexandre, imagine having both of them in pros
This rider has been in WT for 1.5 years already but I've never realised how fine his name was:
This rider has been in WT for 1.5 years already but I've never realised how fine his name was:
Calling Doctor Howard Doctor Fine Doctor Howard :D
Cycling's answer to football's Marx Lênin.
Where does that leave Lenin Montenegro?

He may not be riding clean, but he has a big engine (I presume)

There's a nickname for this guy on the tip of my tongue, and it makes me cry in shame that I've forgotten it. I'll have a soul revival when I remember it.
Not a name in the peloton, but a name with a peloton.

TF GD Dorigo MO Biemmereti MO Ettore e Cristiano Floriani MO Emilio Mazzero
As far as my very new and limited Italian can identify (a lockdown activity via Duolingo), there were 4 junior events, three of them named after honoured deceased members of the club, run by a club in Pieve di Soligo, a small town in Treviso, which have since united into one event, but retaining all 4 names (but which they now seem to want to promote under the more economical name "Internazionale Juniores"). Whether the victor leaves, like a competitor in the cabbages round of Crackerjack, trying to carry 4 trophies at once, is unclear.

A very respectable winners and podium list
Being active between 0 and 2021 sounds scary.

Meanwhile this guy should be Roglic's friend:

"Skok" means a jump in Polish and in Slovenian too if we are to believe Google Translate.
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