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CQ ranking

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Jun 22, 2009
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skidmark said:
Good pick, youngest! Your team is looking strong in the early days, and the classics may be kind...

I would've considered Langeveld, but I'm always second guessing riders that you think every year is going to be their year. I guess this may, in fact, be his year.

exactly what i did :(
Flecha is my favourite rider, and the hardest one to exclude from my team. But, I figured, since he won het volk last year, and really doesn't win much otherwise, he'd surely have a worse season this year than last. I guess I should be happy langeveld beat him, but I'm really not..
A point on my team before the KBK

BOBRIDGE Jack Already paid himself back, great buy.
BONNIN Thomas Too soon to tell what kind of season, he is going to do.
BOOM Lars Promising start, good on itt and cobbles, should score around 700 points.
BOONEN Tom Not his best start, but being who he is, the 1200 points barrier should be crossed easily.
BRUSEGHIN Marzio Not very active since the beginning of the season, but he should score big at the Giro, thus paying himself back.
CIOLEK Gerald Not a very good start but he usually scores most of his points in August and September.
CLEMENT Stef Has not started his season yet. Based on previous years he should get between 200 and 300 points.
FEILLU Brice Will break his 2010 mark just for domestiquing.
FELLINE Fabio Just started to race. Too soon to tell what kind of season, he is going to do.
GAUTIER Cyril Strong start, should do a good season.
GERRANS Simon Good start, almost repaid his 2010 amount.
HAUSSLER Heinrich If he stays injury-free, he should score around his 2009 score.
HOWARD Leigh Not the best Aussie but still managed a decent season until now should break his score easily.
KRISTOFF Alexander Got overhyped in taking him. Hopefully he won't cost me too much.
LE BON Johan One of France biggest hope for the future, just wait and see.
MAASKANT Martijn Seems strong again on cobbles, breaking his score shoul not be a challenge.
MOLLEMA Bauke Will hopefully continue his progression and do a good Giro.
NAVARRO GARCIA Daniel Less occasions than exected with Contador free to ride.
NOCENTINI Rinaldo Usually scores 400 or 800 points per season. His strong start points to the latter.
OFFREDO Yoann He is at last ready for the big classics, he is going to improve tremendously his score.
PHINNEY Taylor Not the start expected but he has such talent that I am not worried yet.
PINOT Thibaut Better start than last year. Safe bet around 300-350 points.
POSTHUMA Joost Discreet start, hopefully he will improve his form to do another 300 points season.
QUINTANA ROJAS Nairo Alexander Has not really started his season yet.
REIMER Martin His time will come later in the season.
SICARD Romain Will increase his score with the Vuelta.
SLAGTER Tom Jelte Will break his 2010 mark just for domestiquing.
SOUPE Geoffrey Unique buy, already exceeded expectations, should get some points for domestiquing now.
TEKLEHAIMANOT GIRMAZION Daniel If he finds a team as trainee, he will increase his score a lot.
ULISSI Diego His time will come in the second half of the season.
VAN AVERMAET Greg Always take some time to find his form, consistent rider : 600 points is his minimum.
VAN GARDEREN Tejay Seems like he is going to do a 2010 Rogers-like season, 500 points increase.
VANDE VELDE Christian A GT rider which could not score in any last year : he will increase his score.

Prediction : I should score anywhere between 12000 and 17000 points.
May 25, 2010
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EvansIsTheBest said:
A point on my team before the KBK

TEKLEHAIMANOT GIRMAZION Daniel If he finds a team as trainee, he will increase his score a lot.

Almost put him in my side. He's already got 70/110 from last seasons points and he hasn't got a team yet! Should definitely be in a ProConti team at the very least.
Jan 18, 2010
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Terpstra, Degenkolb, Stannard,Capecci, Grieple have brought me some points over the weekend.

Looks like I'm pretty much going for a top 20 also though.