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CQ ranking

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Jul 16, 2010
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Waterloo Sunrise said:
Yeah, at 950 he was obvious value.

I also picked Nibali & Gilbert - they're just great.

Yes, he was. Riccardo Ricco on the other hand was fishy as hell and almost as expensive :)

Trust me, he'll get those points back quite easily :)

He's already up 200+ points compared to last year. And if he places tenth or something at MSR he'll earn some extra points as well.

Gilbert and Nibali are a different story.
Nov 17, 2009
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My team's superlatives:

Most points scored:
Ben Swift - 250

Biggest net positive:
JJ Cobo - +65

Biggest return on investment (non-0 point riders... 0 point guys have an infinite ROI):
Ben Swift: 1.18

Biggest net negative:
Jurgen Van den Broeck -619

Most expensive 0-point rider:
Bauke Mollema - 524

Next closest to payback:
Andrew Talansky: -15

Number of riders yet to score: 10 out of 30
The Hitch said:
Yeah so 451.

Surely thats top 10 for the week :D

Well, you passed me at least. I scored 313 this week. I'm still happy to get consistent points each week so far. Next week looks a little worse for me however. Not many riders will be in action and be likely to score points. I'll next have to hope for P-N and T-A.
Mar 14, 2009
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The Hitch said:
Credit where its due, only Jancouver has Brut, and he is someone who cost little this year but got lots of points the years before.

And he got 80% of his score back already today.

Thanks! I guess it was my lucky pick. 145 points already. Paid 91:D

That being said, I would say that half of my team are guys I really like and half where picked for the value. I'm not giving myself any big chances in this game because of that but I just couldnt resist to have guys like Cancellara on my team. If I was in this to win this game I would get 7 "cheap" guys for the price of Spartacus but this is my team and if I'm the manager, he is on my team. I wanted some real champs on my team and I'm hoping I will enjoy results from those guys even though they may not even get me even :D

At least I didnt get Ricco so I do look at it as I got 750 points discount on Cancellara :D
Nov 11, 2010
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roundabout said:
Lousy week?

Try having a lousy year.

Indeed. I only got 45 points for today's race. 40 for Greipel and 5 for Ciolek. I'm already thinking I'll be lucky to get to 7000. It might be a bit too early, but I think I'm already going to start eyeing riders for next years competition.
Jancouver said:
451 points?! Thats must the biggest gain of the week. (update tomorrow?). You should move to the upper half with this gain and way ahead of me :D Congrats!

Well, Sagan alone scored 244 points or something like that this week so someone that has him could potentially have earned even more if they had more other good scorers.
Update 7:

The season is really beginning to take off as more than 3000 points were handed out just this weekend and even more during the week.

microdose continues to hang on as the leader but the competition is getting fierce as four new teams enters the top 10: Waterloo Sunrise, AAC1983, trotters aotearoa and Jakob747. Things are going the wrong way for Spider1964, Sneekes, Joy118118 and Moondance as they wave goodbye to their places in the top 10.

The eternal debater, The Hitch, finally makes some noise as he's this weeks high jumper moving from 57th to 34rd place. Barrus's team goes in the opposite direction as he moves from 32nd to 48th place.

Top 10:

Position (last update) Team name - points

1. (1) microdose - 2292
2. (2) Kevin Rudd's Hairdryer - 2158
3. (3) Pcutter - 2033
4. (6) auto de fé - 1822
5. (15) Jakob747 - 1802
6. (4) Bicing - 1753
7. (11) trotters aotearoa - 1710
8. (13) AAC1983 - 1656
9. (19) Waterloo Sunrise - 1628
10. (10) LukeSchmid - 1602



yeay, ive gone from 76th to 80th..

this is what happens when you take about 3 minutes creating your team :D
For those with problems downloading.

Team 2011 Points
microdose 2292
Kevin Rudd's Hairdryer 2158
Pcutter 2033
auto de fé 1822
Jakob747 1802
Bicing 1753
trotters aotearoa 1710
AAC1983 1656
Waterloo Sunrise 1628
LukeSchmid 1602
Sneekes 1601
coppiman 1582
Spider1964 1577
theyoungest 1576
Object 1566
Joy118118 1546
Moondance 1535
Handbrake 1528
lancaster 1478
Tuarts 1467
kurtinsc 1446
sublimit 1431
Jiaying 1412
jaylew 1405
Mellow Velo 1387
Moncoutie 1384
henry olonga 1364
Bumeington 1348
Kwibus 1346
EvansIsTheBest 1319
Parrulo 1295
togo95 1285
The Hitch 1281
mc_mountain 1272
The Amateur 1262
Gotland 1259
Ham-N-Eggs 1250
ingsve 1226
Armchair cyclist 1222
skidmark 1201
Jancouver 1196
AntonioRossi 1187
Contre la montre 1173
Jukebox 1154
Kvinto 1148
Barrus 1144
The Cobra 1131
nobilis 1117
Spare Tyre 1110
al_pacino 1097
nvpacchi 1094
Sasquatch 1064
royalpig180 1054
mortand 1046
whittashau 1045
Jan the Man 1027
who dat 1017
pabryan 1003
Ferminal 986
Squire 983
Zaschrona 967
Hugo Koblet 966
auscyclefan94 932
tgsgirl 922
Sydney21 921
deValtos 918
Passista 889
sosososik 818
Kazistuta 801
zapata 797
XlandaluzeX 782
Vonn Brinkman 775
Arnout 763
Jpettersen 758
Rocksteady 732
roundabout 719
jens_attacks 707
Team Sky Fans 666
Blues in the bottle 665
Libertine Seguros 635
Erick 8-A 588
hrotha 561
will10 536
sigsky 525
luckyboy 518
Wiggins_fan 167

Youngest should consider that hes 14th before deciding to abandon because he has Ricco.
Sep 27, 2009
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Clung onto 10th by 1 point, sure I was going to lose places. Going to be slipping down soon though given the amount of riders I have who I now doubt I will score well. No one give up there is a long, long way to go.
Jun 1, 2010
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I've got Trent (dodgy Matt White sent me to a Spanish doctor so now I want money) Lowe on my team so I doubt that I'll get all 30 riders score....

Good on Sky, those Aussie riders making the Brits team look good have kept me in front for one more update.
Nov 17, 2009
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hrotha said:
It would be interesting to have a "Previous ranking" column, but I don't know if that could be done automatically.

So far, my only clearly right buy is Cobo.

Add another sheet labeled "prior week".

When loading a new file, put the one in the 2011 sheet in the "prior week" sheet prior to loading the new one in.

Replicate the formulas referencing the 2011 sheet in a new columnt referencing the "prior week" sheet.

Reference that total from each team when populating the "previous ranking" column on the overall ranking sheet.