Doping In Athletics

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Jul 23, 2012
A recent IT event and the motivational speaker was Sally Gunnell. She was rumoured to be on 5k for the 30 minute speech. Gunnell had attempted to break into TV but failed and was quietly dropped by the BBC. She did not go quietly and complained about her treatment:

She has been “reduced” to this sort of activity but 5k is not bad when the assembled nerds have seen their pensions trashed since the financial crisis of 2008.

Gunnell spoke about ‘marginal gains’ and quoted Brailsford and yes it was “pillows”. She also mentioned “Linford” as an inspiration and spoke about the Eastern bloc being on stuff back then at beginning of the talk, promising to get back to the topic but never did.

What she did address was nutrition and developing a team around her. It was this team of “nutritionists” which accounted for her dramatic improvement at the age of 26.

There was a failure to address how she beat a demonstrably dirty Soviet bloc athlete Tatyana Ledovskaya into fourth place in the 1992 Olympic final. Ledovskaya had won a gold in the 4 x 400 relay in 1988 in a WR which still stands. 1992, a year in which Gunnell missed an out of competition test.

Gunnell’s 1993 WR is the oldest in the top 10 fastest performances of all time - still there at number eight. Above her a Jamaican, two Russians, four Balco Americans with plenty of East Europeans below.

The take away from this event remains however that a thousand British IT “logicians”, all on trashed pension plans, were listening to this crap.