Doping in Austria

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IndianCyclist said:
The end of Bahrain Merida team due to Slovenian links?
The Erzan allegations are pretty damaging, on the face of it. Not only for Bahrain/Merida but also -- potentially, it must be said -- for any Slovenian pro who may have worked with him, including one who happens to be the favorite to win a certain bike race in Italy...
Feb 22, 2019
Nice. Another win for Mr. Clen. Does this also affect the GC? If they give Contador the bonus seconds for the winner, he would be 4th instead of 5th.
Two years on the naughty step for a retired rider might seem a bit pointless to some, but rule 1.1.006 turns that into a lifetime ban from any activity in the sport that requires a UCI licence, from DS to agent.