Dwars door Vlaanderen - coming soon (March 31)

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Will Mathieu van der Poel win Dwars door Vlaanderen 2021?

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This is the weirdest Flemish race in a long time. Ronde looks much more open than at any other point this season.
Yup, and add Sagan to the group. I think the old guns won't give to those the young guns for free.

Btw, the reason might be somewhere in stagnating/decreasing shape of MvDP, bad position on Taaienberg(yes, again) and doing waaay too much afterwards and/or hunger flat.
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Very strange race.

I wonder if the first hours have something to do with it. There was no early breakaway as the pace was constantly very high (50km/h). Maybe some teams already killed themselves off desperately trying to get in the breakaway. With that pace many guys probably also forgot to eat and drink enough or simply didn't have the time which would be deadly in this extraordinary hot weather.