Extreme quadriceps starting pain after 3-4 rest days

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Dec 31, 2020
Hi all... I'm 'enjoying' reading the continued experiences and details of the events leading up to the episode. I feel our shared experiences help narrow underlying causes / triggers, as 'officially medically undiagnosed' as we are. I've been back, training as hard as ever (up to 15 hours or so on trainer) and have had no issues. I haven't had a day off, and have no intentions to do so anytime soon. I had blood work done a few weeks ago for electrolytes and Acyl Carnitine.. electrolytes are fine and still waiting on the other results. My doctor also referred me to a geneticist for further testing, so we'll see if that bears any fruit.

No rest
Reduced refined sugars
Stretching / rolling
Staying active on 'off days'

That seems to be the recipe.
Feb 17, 2016
I've not checked in on here for some time, but as I believe is the case for many other followers of this thread, it's the first place I come to as soon as the issue becomes relevant to me again.

It's interesting to see that there have been several new members to this horrible club since I was last here, and although I'm sorry to hear of anyone else suffering with this, it is somewhat reassuring knowing that I'm not alone!

Anyway just FYI - having avoided an episode for almost 2.5 years (by literally never missing a day - I know: insane), I had a close call with one a couple of nights ago. I hadn't been on the bike for almost 36 hours (which I consider to be very much pushing it), and the previous day had eaten A TONNE of sugar - a real horrible binge (sugar is my weakness, it was a day of low motivation, and I succumbed).

I think I must have caught it in time because it reared its head but never fully kicked in, and was completely absent from my training ride this morning (12 hours later).

Anyway I am posting this as I suspect that for me (I appreciate we could all experience this slightly differently, and have different triggers) the combination of "too much" rest and the OTT amount of sugar was to blame.

I am confident that I could have got away with a bit (but not loads) more time off the bike, but combined with the sugar it was bad news.

(BTW I'm virtually teetotal so alcohol definitely isn't a factor for me on this one).

So that's my latest in this sorry tale.

Keep well everyone, and stay riding (as in my experience it's the only way to keep this - literal - pain at bay!).