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Red Rick said:
Jeez, I didn't know it was that hot in the Vuelta:eek:

Wen have had a fresh summer in Spain, but this days are the hotest of the year, and even the day is not so long now, the hot is big at this hour.

Here in northen Spain that is not a problem, but Guadalquivir valley between Sevilla and Córdoba is the hottest part of Spain on summer. And today stage is as well a hard part. Tomorrow, close to the see, will be different, but more wet.

So, they are not lucky, in that part of Andalucia with a hot wave to be just walking in the sun at this time is a big problem, so, to compete on a bike is a dangerous issue.

For people as Valverde, this are good news, he will be all the strong he wanst at the Tour with a rainy start.
Apr 9, 2014
Yeah he's definitely ready for this...and like Quintana he'll be at his best when the real mountains arrive
Jun 30, 2014
I think Fabio should only get stronger in the next 2 weeks, he wasn't that great durning the first giro stages, just think about stage 8, 9 sec slower than Evans in an uphill sprint. Even at the Giro del Trentino he lost a decent amount of time in every uphill sprint, 25 sec to Evans, 22 to Pozzovivo on Stage 3, which had a similar finish, even if the final climb wash shorter
Final climb

Stage profile
Lutsenko should have followed Anacona when he went instead of marking Hesjedal... It was a little bit hilarious though. Every move the canadian did was followed within a second by Lutsenko :p

Aru proved to be a better climber than Froome today. We all knew it, but nice to get a confirmation :D:D
May 17, 2014
Great performance. He's looking really good. I have a feeling that in the third week he'll be outclimbing everyone whose name isn't Contador, Quintana or Rodriguez :D