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Jun 25, 2013
LaFlorecita said:
What if he can't? A cleaner Contador vs a doped up protected Dawg alien thing.
A 'cleaner' Contador denotes a doped up Contador...if he is going to dope he may as well go full genius if he is going to get anywhere close to Froome or else he can kiss the win goodbye.
Jul 21, 2012
darwin553 said:
A 'cleaner' Contador denotes a doped up Contador...if he is going to dope he may as well go full genius if he is going to get anywhere close to Froome or else he can kiss the win goodbye.
No one in the post bio passport era has any chance against Dawg in full alien mode

Someone with 60% hematocrit is needed
Galic Ho said:
As for the topic of the thread...Froome.

Since thehog and benotti69 aren't here, I might take over. Might being the selective word. Someone has to carry the slack right? ;)

Talking about the Dawg tomorrow night. Will be a cracker. Especially if Valverde goes early. The tell will be how much time he puts into Quintana and Contador, the two best climbers in the peloton.

It'd be great if Movistar send Costa into a break with Valverde. They could really do some damage to Sky. Then Froome has to come out of hiding. I'm thinking some 2009 Dauphine action might be in play here. Switch the roles of Evans that year with Froome and we might get a spectacle.

Seriously, somebody attack for Pete's sake! Make Froome have to do the ridiculous. Saxo, send Kreuziger up the road with Roche. Movistar, send in Costa and Valverde. Sky can't cover them all. JV if you're reading this...get your boys to do something. We wanna see Froome break your Ventoux record!!

Andy Schleck and Evans anyone?

Like John Farnham says on You're the voice

Make a noise and make it clear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo
We're not gonna sit in silence
We're not gonna live with fear
Oh-wo-wo-wo, oh-wo-wo-wo
Oct 21, 2012
I think Froome would push Lance harder than anybody ever pushed him. Maybe even have won a couple of those Tours.
Jul 21, 2012

The leading rider in the Tour de France, Chris Froome, has in particular been the best rider of the year. The two crucial moments, the final mountain on 8 stage and time trial at 11 stage, he was a total of 5.3 percent better than the nearest competitor. It has got Lars Nybo Nielsen, a professor of physical education at the University, to wonder.

- One should always be careful not to suggest some things against people, but you can just say that it is not a normal picture, or to put it blankly, then it is quite unusual, says Lars Nybo Nielsen TV2 Sports.
Aug 27, 2010
zeamonkey said:
Might wanna add:

"Team Sky team manager, Dave Brailsford, rejects the criticism.

- The I am not sure that I buy, for you never know. around which the others have made themselves fully, says Dave Brailsford to TV2 Sports."
That's a horrible google translate lol. Brailsford says he doesnt buy it, because you never know if the competition gave it all / gave it their best. (wich is bull**** in TdF and he knows it)
Aug 19, 2012
ebandit said:
wonder how that 'academic' came up with froomey 5.3% better than the competition

imagine? if his times had been 5.3% better

vroooom froooom would be headin' straight to jail

Mark L

as they say here.......

think of a number

and multiply by 2
Oct 16, 2010
LaFlorecita said:
i never quite understood why bruyneel thought it was wise to bring the two together in one team.
or why lance allowed that to happen. it was clear from the start that this wasn't going to be a happy marriage.
Aug 12, 2009
lemoogle said:
I saw "Banned" under the hog's last posts. Out of curiosity, are bans here permanent?
thehog and benotti were banned for flaming a well known pain in the ****. Coggan. Free tip people, if he is outside the power meter thread, he ain't there to play nice. Ignore him and he'll crawl back to his lab. :p

No bans aren't permanent. I missed all the Giro. Had a great month BTW.

Well actually that isn't entirely correct. Depends on offenses. Some are few days I believe. Some are a week. I copped 4 weeks for calling the Irish posters out on not standing up for Kimmage and letting McQuaid run cycling into the ground whilst their country stood round twiddling their thumbs. Throwing a joke in there never goes down well...people are sensitive. Plus I did apologise when I got back for the joke part. Benotti69 and thehog may already have had infractions for minor indiscretions.

If you're Joachim, Laura Lynn, BPC (Ban Pro Cycling) or the original incarnate Arbiter, you get a LIFETIME ban. Why? Because you're a troll who makes so many new aliases. He/she/it has come back this month. EnacheV...good bet that was the same person. Same with taxus4a...if it looks and sounds like the same thing, it normally is. Also if you're handle is Polish and you're the biggest LA fanboy on the forum whose sole purpose on the forum is to troll...yeah, when you don't learn your lesson and take the comeuppance when your fairy tale fantasy falls apart, you also get a LIFETIME ban.

Also if you're a former pro rider, who names themselves on the forum, who has doped and talked to the officials, and you're only here to keep tabs on forum members for a certain LA and you're dumb enough to get caught out...that also gets you a LIFETIME ban. That one was Joe Papp.

My advice...remember who doesn't like you and don't reply to them repeatedly. If you post like I do...yeah, you will upset some people. Even the ones who spam your inbox and claim you're offending team Sky who they claim to know. They even leave, return and personally line you up AGAIN. Always fun stuff. :rolleyes:

Oh and I don't believe in censorship so I don't have anyone on block.
Aug 12, 2009
Ripper said:
GH, you're obviously so out of the loop. Bertie is no longer the best climber. Now it's The Transfroomation.

Or is The Transfroomation a TT specialist?

Oh dang, what was it again, Transfroomed into TT specialist or climber?

Oh ya, he's both. Just had to apply himself. Be hungrier. Train smarter. Actually look at his TSS. Bring his pillow.
Oh I was simply excluding Froome from the list.

It's only fair to compare everyone to the human and doped. Alien and doped...not a chance. :p

I think with Froome it was simply a matter of no longer crashing into officials during the ITT wasn't it?

After durianriders post the other day, it occurred to me part of the new myth should be selling a new diet. Fruitarian Froome has a ring to it doesn't it?