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General News Thread

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That's just a rumor right? I can't find it anywhere.
The Mount Kigali lap being the final one is a massive shame, the difference between a good-but-not-great WC and a WC for the ages.
Maybe I'm getting soft but I would love this a lot. Probably actually prefer it this way around it's a real climbers route for once and otherwise I would think it heavily leans into the usual suspects again, though either way is probably Pogacar #1 favorite by a mile
View: https://twitter.com/tour_du_Rwanda/status/1728087630351388708

More places for local national selections this upcoming year, but hopefully we'll still see some exotic CTs (JCL?) included in the final four picks.

The route has also been revealed including a TTT on stage 1.

....... and the four final selections are Bingoal, DSM devo and two local teams (May Stars and Java-Inovotec).

View: https://twitter.com/tour_du_Rwanda/status/1741039925401653708
While we non-Parisians look forward to the Olympics, the locals are not amused -
Macron talks up the Olympics as Parisians are not so glad (apart from those making a some extra bucks)
President Emmanuel Macron vowed this evening that 2024 will be the year of French pride and hope, marked by the Paris 2024 Olympic Summer Games and Paralympics, and the re-opening of Notre Dame Cathedral after the devastating 2019 fire.

“Only once in a century does one host Olympic and Paralympic Games, only once in a millennium does one rebuild a cathedral,” Reuters reports Macron said. “2024, a year of determination, choices, recovery, pride. In fact, a year of hope.”
Giacomo Nizzolo has fracured his leg and will miss the first couple of months of the season

What a bummer for him—always feel bad when riders get knocked out of commission before they even start their seasons,
LR has made very nice calendar for this season:

Flèche route announced, now 4 times over the Mur.


I take that boring circuit over Cherave any day. Time for a new record!