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General News Thread

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The parcours of the Deutschland Tour was announced today, and they'll barely make it out of Baden Württemberg.


Stage profiles:


The revived Deutschland Tour is contender for saddest race on the calendar.
Terrible route once again. But you have to take what you can get. ASO demands way too much money from the cities to create a sustainable race.

First climb on stage 3 is Ochsenwang (3.7k @ 9,3%), followed by Bad Urach and then Traifelberg (2.2k @ 8%). And then 120k...

And on stage 4 it's the same. Kalmit (7k @ 5,5%) after 25k and then Iggelbacher Stich (5k @ 6,2%). And then nothing for 120k...

And on top, they didn't even put bonus sprints near these climbs.
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Kicking off a little bit

Don't think Geriant Thomas sounds too happy about it either, pretty funny stuff

The sad figure in that story was Poels. Of course will Quintana defend his position behind his teammate.
Earliest possible time of latest rainy edition...

I'm quite sure it has rained since 1985, though.

That's what I couldn't quite wrap my head around. How was 1985 - supposedly - the earliest possible year for the most recent rainy Ronde?
Did she mean that 1985 was the earliest possible edition for a rainy Ronde because it was definitely rainy in 1985?
Who goes around remembering if it rained on a specific Sunday almost 40 years ago?