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Giro d'Italia 2013, stage 18: Oderzo - Val Di Zoldo 161 km

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Especially since he's from Veneto
Yeah, but at the same time the rivalry between the various provinces of the Veneto region can be crazy. He's from the province of Vicenza and they call them Vicentini magniagatti (cat eaters). Franky that's not even that inaccurate, people in that area where eating bats up until the 1950s and certain northern Italian cooking books can be wild, you even find stuff like recipes for cooking a fox...
Kämna is turning into prime Zubeldia/Meintjes. Not a single stage top 10. Always sitting at the back of the group. Among the first GC guys to be dropped. Pacing himself and limiting the damage. Gaining time on other GC guys that tried to follow the best and exploded.

Kinda sad considering hes such a great, entertaining rider doing literally anything but this