Giro d'Italia 2013, stage 18: Oderzo - Val Di Zoldo 161 km

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Kuss vs. Vine was great. Overall nice GC battle although I'm getting increasingly annoyed that my least preferred choice of the top 3 is looking better and better to win it. Almeida is now too far back to be expected to take it in the ITT, Roglic really needs to snap Thomas off the wheel tomorrow, he has the better kick.

Dunbar again really good. Great performances by Van Wilder and Kämna who're doing this without a team, really pacing themselves well. Leknessund is doing the opposite haha, completely going over his limit sticking with better guys before totally bonking but being close enough to the finish to still end up with a good time (similar on stage 8). Seems to be working for him.
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Thats just such a weird statement.
Do you think it's wrong?

None of the three strongest are in a desperate situation nor strong enough to seal the deal. They have the strongest teams by far and will control the race, ensuring a solid pace on Giau and Tre Croce. They share the same winning path: be strong enough on Tre Cime and Lussari.
Leknessund to follow the best till like 3km to the finish tmrw and then loose 10 min.

In al seriousness, he always looks so good an then he cracks hard, but looks like he'll top 10 this Giro which is obviously really good.
Got to admire his heroic attitude. One day he won't be cracking. Until then he should just keep trying.
Kämna is turning into prime Zubeldia/Meintjes. Not a single stage top 10. Always sitting at the back of the group. Among the first GC guys to be dropped. Pacing himself and limiting the damage. Gaining time on other GC guys that tried to follow the best and exploded.
Nah, that move on the Capucchini was aready enough to deny any ninja status.

Only 1’15” separating 4th through 9th place—that seems unheard of. With two tough stages left that order could get reshuffled quite a bit each day.