Giro d'Italia 2017 rumours - Il Centesimo

Because people are longing for this thread with a passion.

So, I heard rumours it's gonna start in Sicily, and Sardinia is also going to be in. That's all I got. Mostly, I wanted to start this one because I want to incentivise our Giro-Guru to come in here and share his wisdom.

So Eshnar, what knowledge can you share with us?

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leaked route
Jul 29, 2012
Let this man come back and design it

Dec 3, 2015
If they are passing by Sicilly and Sardegna it clearly is not attacrt Aru and Nibali who will be in different teams. Froome has shown interest as well. Should be a good level.
...Alright I'm here :cool:

First thing first - the start. There are two main rumours: One is Sardinia and one is Sicily. Even if the race starts from the latter, Sardinia will almost surely be in with one or two stages in the middle. But I do think a start in Sardinia is the most likely atm.

The route will start from the very bottom of the mainland and go north as quickly as possible I guess, since the majority of the rumours point at north, as always :D

There are talks about the Vesuvio (but I think it's a bit unlikely), and there are a few requests from Puglia, so I expect them to get at least one stage.
There might be a finish in Chieti, and from there they'll go north to the Marche region (maybe a stage finish in Jesi).
Then, Tuscany. Here there'll be a stage finish either in Florence or Pistoia. Also Follonica and Abetone want a stage, but of course they can't get 4 stages. probably 2.
In the Po valley, there are strong rumours about a wine ITT in Franciacorta. And a stage finish in Bergamo.
As for the mountains: Piancavallo MTF looks almost fixed, and will probably be the first contact with the Alps.
There are requests for Dolomitic stage finish in either Val di Fassa or Val Gardena, and the current understanding is that Fassa won, and the stage finish will be on its side of Passo Pordoi.
There will certainly be a stage in Valtellina. Finish in Aprica most likely. Here I wonder, will the Cima Coppi be the Gavia or the Stelvio?
The Ghisallo wants a stage. There are talks of a MTT, but it could also be a road stage.
Then I guess the finish will be in the western Alps. Here I can't look past Sestriere, really, but we have no rumours as of today.
Last stage, if I have to guess, Torino - Milano. Like the last stage of the first edition.
It looks a lot like the wine itt will take place in the Franciacorta region. It's near Lago d’Iseo between Bergamo and Brescia.

I don't think UCI will allow them to transfer to Sardegna just like that. In 2007 there was a rest day after the first three stages. In 1961 when they visited Sicilia and Sardegna there was no rest day, of course. Not going to happen again. ;)
Sounds like Fedaia+Pordoi :)

I hope the TT will be as long and flat as possible.

I'd like to see a finish on Sestriere from the west, especially if they come from France, though I guess the entire parcours will be in Italy.
Jul 29, 2012
Can we make some kinda petition for the crostis? God damnit, look at that beast of a climb :(

Mar 14, 2016
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Max Rockatansky said:
Well, I don't think Crostis will ever be part of the Giro. Not after what happened in 2011.
They only took it out because a certain bloke in the maglia rosa who had good contacts chickened out.

It's just as bad as Cancellara deciding when the peloton can ride or not.