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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2023 Stage 8: Terni – Fossombrone 207 km

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Congrats to Healy on his amazing solo win. A new star is born, what a performance today! Finally GC action happened - first Ineos set a strong pace 50 km from the line and at the end Primoz fired his first warning! Remco initially maybe tried too hard to match Rogla speed and then weakened (fortunately for him the climb was short). Ineos guys proved to be strong - Tao this year is maybe at 2020 level or stronger. I expected them to help Primoz earlier but they only did it at the end. 14 seconds is not a lot but psychologically it's important - the race is long and Primoz is strong (as well as Ineos guys, which is tactically bad news for Remco).
Dunbar looked fking good there actually watching the climb back

It would surprise me tbh if he's in the Top 10 by the end of the Giro. Those longer climbs, multi-ountain stages were never his cup of tea. Also I'm not a fan of the Romandie/Giro combination as you have to keep up your form for long if you want to contend in both. But it seems to work for Caruso so maybe the training camp before the Giro is overrated.

Dunbars development is impressive never the less. It will be interesting to see his long ITT and if he has progressed there as well.