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Giro d'Italia Giro d'Italia 2024: Stage-by-stage analysis

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Do you have a source for that or is it just something you think is logical?
I think it was mentioned back when it was rumoured, but I can't find any sources for where the teams will stay.
Martinez was asked about it the other day, and he said one day at high altitude won't make a difference.

No idea how well he in informed about the locations of the team hotels, though.
Indeed, looks very snowy still. Although I guess it's been like that also previously, and they have still managed to clear it in time.

Do we know what's the plan B if it can't be ridden? Go around through Switzerland?
I'm not surebif it was this thread or somewhere else, but I read somewhere that Umbrail Pass is the only option.

If Pogacar tried to do Pantani on Oropa what are the odds he tries to do Dumoulin on Umbrail Pass?
Yeah, atm they even had to stop the road opening works on the Stelvio because the risk of avalanches makes it too dangerous for the workers. At the same time even if they didn't there would be a big risks of huge amouts of snow just sliding into the road everyday once the temperatures go up.
Just look at the amounts of snow near the top:

Also, the Südtiroler side of the pass is more exposed to sunshine, so the risk of avalanches is much higher compared to the meh side from Bormio.
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Is there anything keeping them from using the Tunnel to go into Switzerland? It would be the obvious option (if they want to keep the starting location). I have to say though, if they can't do that and we are looking at a 250km stage over Mortirolo, Tonale and Mendola, I wouldn't complain too much either. None of those climbs is particularly interesting (from the respective side) but that would still be an extremely hard stage.

One thing I just noticed is that all three intermediate sprints take place in the last 50km. That seems like something you would do if you fear the route will only be as planned from Bozen onwards. That might signal they already have a backup route planned and that that backup route will not go through Vinschgau. That's really just a guess though.