Guess Who - Game

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Because of my hour long absence due to work, I'm gonna provide you with more than the standard yes/no answers

Is he actually a (former) pro cyclist? No.

Did he ever get a top-100 in any UCI ranked race?
Wikipedia and other sources (they probably reference back to Wiki) claim, that he once got a top 10 in a pro race behind one of cyclings biggest stars. The results I can find doesn't back it up though, so it may have been an amateur version of said race.
It still takes place as a pro race late in the calendar, but doesn't have the same prestige as back then.

Christian Prudhomme? Unlike Prudhomme he is actually known for his cycling abilities. He hasn't been a part of the Tour in any role other than maybe as a spectator.
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In my head I confused the race, that doesn't take place anymore, with a similar named race in the same style that does.

And yes the mystery rider is French, but the star that apparently beat him, wasn't. And that star is a winner of multiple GTs.