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Landis coming to Deakin Uni for Doping conference

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Mar 10, 2009
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SpartacusRox said:
I knew there was a reason you take the name of a snake...good to see you have moved from an injured rider avatar to one of your hero:rolleyes:

Hmmm, pot, kettle. Spartacus' conduct in the last few days is less than exemplary! :D
Jun 12, 2010
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Bravo Floyd.

His decision to come clean and spill the beens on everything he knows is one of the most important dicisions any rider has made in decades.
We should not underestimate the courage involved here, In his shoes I`d stay of the road and be asking for police protection, theres real heavyweights under threat here ( much bigger than even Armstrong) and it`s not fantasy to sugest he could be at real risk of coming to harm.
No one has, from such a high position in the pro ranks, ever broken the silence like Floyd, instead , when caught they`ve taken the rap, stayed silent and done nothing to move the sport forward.
I`ve been a cyclist and race fan sine the age of 8 and though aware that doping was rife in the pro ranks from my late teens, the leval that Armstrong took it to in "winning" 7 TDF`s destroyed my interest and made pro cycling a joke in the eyes of many of the general public and more informed race fans alike.
This year , thanks to Landis`s revelations, theres real panic in the pro peloton with the result that we have just had 3 of the best and most believable Grand Tours in many years.
It`s likely to be many months before the full implications of the FDA investigation are revealed but thanks to Floyd there`s real possibility that young, clean riders, will be able to come into this sport with confidence that the fruit of there efforts will be rewarded and when they win races they can have genuine pride that it`s done the right way.