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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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On the hilly 3rd stage of Slovakia Tour, a group of 11 riders finished ahead of the chasing peloton at 25 seconds. Andrea Bagioli (who dnf the vuelta 2 weeks ago) won the sprint for the stage ahead of Gazzoli. Cavgana came 4th and maintained his 2 mins gc lead.

Kung, Bouwman, Vader, Lemmen, Leemrejze were all in the front group. Asgreen and Armrail were in peloton and slipped down a couple of places in the top 10

View: https://twitter.com/LRoisDuPeloton/status/1702661426785997156?t=0FOuISuJGSnr22gw1CRtIA&s=19
1.1 races are under rated! :D
Japser phillipsen wins the Kampionshop von vlaanderen (honestly I haven't got a chance to spell this correclty), beating Gronewegen and Jakobsen in the sprint.

I'm enjoying getting interested in real races again, instead of following this mickey mouse vuelta that makes me want to leave social media

View: https://twitter.com/faustocoppi60/status/1702686640462823530?t=ufst6oW5XlH6ikWtR2zSIw&s=19