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Lesser known races 2023 edition

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As obvious a win as you're going to get.

Intermarché did zero attacks with any of their four riders and then were nowhere in the sprint, awful tactics.

Was this just their plan to maximize UCI points or what? If that's actually the reason the UCI should just take their WT license away. Unworthy.

QS also horrible tho.

Only Strong and Tiller could've gambled on a sprint here.
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For whoever wants to know about the Clasico RCN the stages and profiles are right here:

The leader is Aldemar Reyes but Oscar Sevilla is still in the fight. i am personally following Diego Pescador who is having a good race so far. The race ends on Sunday on a Mountain ITT. We'll see what happens but it looks like Contreras will pull a win in this race

1Aldemar ReyesTeam Medellín-EPM23:36:36
2Yeison ReyesTeam Medellín-EPM0:39
3Alexander GilEPM-Go Rigo Go0:39
4Rodrigo ContrerasColombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano1:03
5Germán Dario GómezGW Shimano-Sidermec1:56
6Óscar SevillaTeam Medellín-EPM2:10
7Sebastián CastañoOrgullo Paisa2:11
8Diego PescadorGW Shimano-Sidermec2:22
9Cristian David RicoColombia Potencia de la Vida-GW Shimano2:27
10Cristian Camilo MuñozEPM-Go Rigo Go3:20
11Javier JamaicaTeam Medellín-EPM3:45
12Kevin CastilloTeam Sistecrédito4:43
13César Nicolás ParedesArroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JB4:51
14José AlarcónArroz Zulia – Ángeles Hernández-JB5:12
15Fabio DuarteTeam Medellín-EPM7:39

Famenne Ardenne Classic today 188 km (1.1 -the only ones worth watching!)
Get the popcorn ready as Laporte shows off his new European Chamipons jersey but we get to see what De Lie could have done last week.
info at (start 12.10 CET)

The race where last year De Lie crashed inside the final kilometer in a bunch of approximately 40 riders, yet still managed to finish 15th in the same time as the winner.