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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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Look, it can never match Zabel or Alaphilippe if it happens in a smaller race, but in terms of fashion of celebrating too early/late, very little has this beat. This is up there with the masterpiece below:
So in the Tour of Hellas this just happened:

Second placed Edu Prades thought he had won and started celebrating while his saddle broke off. Instant karma?

The pictures are priceless.

View: https://twitter.com/alventomagazine/status/1519310348230316032?cxt=HHwWgMC-ncmt1pUqAAAA
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Absolutely lackluster start of the season from TotalEnergies since the beginning of the season in France.

Grand Prix Cycliste de Marseille La Marseillaise

Vuillermoz 17th (3 UCI points)

Étoile de Bessèges (4 stages + GC)

Burgaudeau 14th (5 UCI points)

Tour de la Provence (4 stages + GC)

Dujardin 17th (3 UCI points)

Classic Var

Jegat 17th (3 UCI points)
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In Alpes-Maritimes an interesting break just went up the road

Pretty impressive from De Schuyteneer, 18 years old.

Some bigger teams have the wrong guys in it tho so I doubt it sticks. Don't think they'll work together perfectly. Peloton is not chasing tho. 1'30 gap already.

EDIT: it's a weird situation. Front group not working together at all cause no one feels confident in that group and in peloton only a conti team is working.

De Schuyteneer is solo now. Costiou behind that and he is dangerous so my guess is teams like FDJ, AG2R and UNO X will start chasing soon.
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