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Lesser known races 2024 edition

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It's like other teams still don''t know how good Abrahamsen is. Berckmoes and Hirschi were incredibly dumb to attack on that last hill with everyone in their wheel, exactly what Abrahamsen wanted to counter, you knew it was coming.

That being said, he deserves a win. UNO X have been dominating the Belgian races lately.
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Congrats to Herregodts for winning the stage, and his new haircut.

Though, it would have been more fitting if Dehairs had won the stage... unfortunately, he was way down.

Also, how did they decide if a rider was likely to stay in the hot seat long enough for it to make sense to even start the whole hair cut?
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Glad for Rune. Wanty should farm this race. Much needed points to avoid falling close to relegation.

With finishes like this, I can't imagine why...

(although, to be fair to the organisation, there isn't a single road in the village where they finish where I'd be comfortable with putting the finish)

There will probably be a reduced sprint hopefully.
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