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Martinelli on lance & johan

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Apr 12, 2009
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Polish said:
Mr Martinelli has won 4 Grand Tours. I remember watching/following them all.
They were exciting, close, and packed with Mr Martinelli's Tactical Geniusness.

Do you think, during Astana Training Camp, Mr Martineli will have
the riders practice the "Hotel Window Jump" drill? Just kidding just kidding.

Next year's GT Battles between Martinelli & Bruyneel Should be EPIC!

Martinelli 4 GT wins...

1998 Tour de France:

2000 Giro d'Italia:

2003 Giro d'Italia:

2004 Giro d'Italia:

The thing that impresses me the most is that he has won with 4 different riders
slimkay said:
Wow... this forum is full of Armstrong haters.

Come on now - although the shoe fits they don't like being called HATERS(it clashes terribly with their self-righteous view of themselves). They just dislike him and are on mission 24 hours a day to convince the world to dislike him also. In this fantasy world you have to put yourself in the shoes of these "dislikers" to appreciate the lie. In the real world you can go back to the common distinction between dislike and hate. Dislike is basic indifference to something whereas hate is fueled by emotion and passion toward something. To think that these "dislikers" are even remotely consumed with emotion and passion when it comes to Armstrong bars you from membership into their fantasy world. They just have to always be "tilting at the windmills" to protect their pysche from the overwhelming hoardes of "fanboys" that post here. To appreciate the fantasy you just need to read a couple 100 threads or so that contain the word "Lance" or "Armstrong". Stay on page one for great cycling journalism, come to the forum for entertainment and a well deserved escape into fantasy land.


I just read through this thread, and I started to wonder if it was July...
Jun 16, 2009
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Thoughtforfood said:
I just read through this thread, and I started to wonder if it was July...

Jul 28, 2009
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It is my personal observation that Mr Armstrong's return seems to have diminished rather than enhanced his standing. His stated aims upon his return were noble however in many ways he has acted ignobly. His attitude upon the TdF podium this year has been used here as an indication of his desire to win. I found his demeanour boorish and distasteful.

Whatever his pain at losing he had many days to come to terms with it and act accordingly. Many true champions have shown themselves capable of graciousness in defeat, but not Mr Armstrong. It seems also that the negative view of LA seen on cycling forums such as this has as a result of this spilled over into the mainstream. Anecdotally I have noticed many people not normally interested in cycling who have made negative comments about him. Of course the contrast with Alberto doesn't help.

It has been stated that Astana will be weak and Alberto will be hampered. But Alberto isn't the kind of rider for whom a strong team is essential. It is far more likely that in 2010 he will benefit most from a positive and supportive team environment. He may prove even more difficult to defeat.


Aug 17, 2009
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If he had anything to do with Pantani Martinelli is a no good scumbag.
I do not care what he says.
I only hope that Contador has the common sense to turn the other cheek to Martinelli.

Contador could beat Lances record without dope. End of story.