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Mikel Landa Discussion Thread

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Yeah, this clearly isn't one of those days where he could beat Pogačar.
Lot of people can beat Pogacar in a hard day with long climbs.

Yes, Pogacar made mistakes, but he would have been with Tramadol man that day anyway
It seems he took it a bit easier the last stages and use them for building his form. Is it not better that he is co-leader instead of only supporting Remco? Landa has definitely the potential to finish top5, which I'm not sure for Remco.
For Mikel is better for the team to keep the pressure off by sticking to the original plan with remco as the main guy. Landa will be stronger with this approach
It's only stage 4 and on the last km of Galibier, I doubt that Roglic would have lost alot of time if Landa stayed on Roglic's wheel instead of bridging the gap. It's better that SOQ still have Remco & Landa in contention for the podium.
Roglic was struggling at that point with no guarantee he is able to pull back a two rider gap and burns himself out faster. By potentially killing Roglic they increase their podium chance.