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Most overrated (good) rider in the peloton?

Who is currently the most overrated rider among the stars of the peloton?

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On this list it's definitely De Lie for me. He seems to be treated like the next Belgian cobbler but I don't see it at all. Ayuso probably 2nd for me. If you had asked me before the Vuelta last year it would've 100% been Ayuso and I would've been called a troll a million times for saying so

I think most of the other ones are rated quite fairly, or in the case of Roglic and Evenepoel have simply enough naysayers to cancel it out. Pidcock, Pedersen, Skjelmose and Yates simply don't have people acting as if they're hot ***, and van Aert's reputation has come down to earth a bit IMO.
With how the big lack of uncertainty in races these days I actually think there's not that many riders riders who are very over or underrated. Nearly all of the discourse is about the Big 6 too, so normally it would have to be one of them, but I think their reputations have moved a lot to their actual level in the last 12 months.

Similarly, it's probably easier for young riders to be overrated based on overrated future potential, but I kinda think only Ayuso and De Lie really fit this profile, and with how young Pogacar and Evenepoel still are, they're also not really getting the 'will dominate starting next year' treatment.

Then there's a few guys who may fit the definition overrated a while ago but who've since come down in terms of their reputation, like an Almeida for example. Maybe Carlos Rodriguez fits this idea now, given he was considered a near favorite for 3rd at the Tour last year at some point.

There's also some guys who I think may be overrated at this piont but they're actually talked about so little I can't be sure. Like how do people rate dudes like Laporte, Asgreen or Van Baarle at this point in time even. So subtop tier contenders had one hot patch and came down.