Music! What are you listening to now?

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BigMac said:
José Afonso - Baladas e Canções Arguably the best Portuguese songwriter ever (a poet afterall). Sad that he's so strongly associated with the revolutionary movement (and rightfully so) that the rest of his work gets somewhat ignored.

Cool, I have wanted to check for Afonso for a while after someone compared him to Caetano Veloso. That song is sorta similar to Paco Ibanez though (not a bad thing).

I need to hear more Angolan music also, like this song from after the revolution

Libertine Seguros said:
I am the complete opposite. To me, Moon Pix is her best album, she does slow core magnificently and I disliked the move towards a more uptempo and soulful, less bleak sound that came later.
Fair enough. I just like a bit more light and colour. In the female alternative "genre' I'd prefer PJ Harvey. :D
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sienna said:
mortand said:
Cat Power - Moonshiner

I'm not a huge Cat Power fan, although I think she's pretty decent. This version of an old tradition is superb, though.
I like some of her stuff and have a few albums. I just wish she'd do more up tempo songs.

I've got a bunch of her stuff but she is gawdawfully boring live! Most boring show I've ever seen by an artist I like and I've seen shows by other artists that were a similar tone.
Oct 23, 2011
Charles-Valentin Alkan - Symphony for Solo Piano

One of the great pianist-composers of Romantacism. Unfortunately nowadays he isn't esteemed as highly as his peers like Liszt, Chopin et cetera. In his own time he was regarded as a virtuoso on par with Liszt. Recent decades have seen something of an Alkan revival within the classical world though, which is probably the only reason I've ever heard of him. :)
Accept-Metal Heart
Aldo Nova –Twich
Agent Steel- Skeptics Apocalypse
Blue Öyster Cult – Club Ninja
Bon Jovi - 7800 Fahrenheit
Chastain –Mystery of Illusion
Dokken- Under Lock and Key
Emerald –Down Town
Fates Warning-The Spectre Within
Hurricane-Take What you want
Icon-Night of the Crime
Joe Lynn Turner-Rescue You
King Kobra- Ready to Strike
Liege Lord-Freedom’s Rise
Lizzy Borden-Love you to Pieces
Mad Max- Stormchild
Magnum- On a Storyteller's Night
Manilla Road-Open the Gates
Midnight Darkness-Holding the Night
Mox Nix-S/t
Ratt- Invasion of Your Privacy
Savatage-Power of the Night
Savage Grace-Master of Disguise
Stormwitch-Tales of Terror
Stryper-Soldiers Under Command
Tony Macalpine- Edge of Insanity
Tröjan-Chasing the Storm
Vicious Rumors-Soldiers of the Night
Virgin Steele- Noble Savage
Voodoo Child-Adrenaline
Warrior- Fighting for the Earth
Watchtower-Energetic Disassembly
White Lion- Fight to Survive
Yngwie- Marching Out

Abattoir-Vicious Attack
Angel Witch- Screamin' n' Bleedin'
Blaspheme-Desir De Vampyre
Gary Moore- Run For Cover
Joshua- Surrender
Keel-The Right to Rock
Kix- Midnight Dynamite
Nightmare-Power of the Universe
Q5- When the Mirror Cracks
Scorpions-World Wide Live
Sinner-Touch of Sin
Surgin- When Midnight Comes
Tobruk-Wild on the Run
Treat- Scratch and Bite
Twisted Sister- Come Out and Play
Tytan- Rough Justice
Van Zant-S/t