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There is something about that grey-green shade (sleeves, side panel, chest band) that Caja Rural use that combines superbly with black and white in almost any configuration to make an excellent cycling jersey. They almost mess it up with the emerald green belly patch, but it will still be better than 80% of the new year's jerseys.
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Starting from tomorrow, Telenet pulls out of the CX-team (managed by Sven Nys, previously well-known as Fidea).
So the amazing kit with the yellow tones (see underneath) is gone. I think they did a decent job with their new jersey, but it's slightly less standing out.

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Kristoff has for the last couple of years. Only Trentin, Kristoff, Viviani and Sagan are past champions so Sagan has rainbow bands, but cofidis don't seem to do ex conti/national champ bands
Actually, if you notice, Viviani has x-European champion band on one sleeve, and x-Italian champion band on the other sleeve. But of course, he didn't exactly make himself noticable last year...
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