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The ISN jersey is horribly boring. Disappointing especially since it's a clear step backwards from last year.
ISN is a tough team to design's an awkward name and concept to wrap your head around. Closest would be Astana, which is basically promoting Kazakhstan. (and I've always liked Astana jerseys)

I would have loved to see a real Israeli flag them, bold blue/white. As it is now, it's just lazy -- white shoulders, solid blue below the sternum. The representation of the Star of David is a nice touch, though.
It's billboard time.
It's... beautiful. It's like a Greatest Hits album of Italian Pro Continental kits. There's a bit of ISD-NERI, a bit of Ceramica Panaria, a bit of Ceramica Flaminia, some Nippo-Vini Fantini, and all delivered with the usual subtle Savio flair while somehow still finding room for classy black shorts. Like an old Lotto-Soudal kit but designed by a six year old with a bumper pack of stickers to stick on top of their scribbling, this just screams Italian ProContinental like almost nothing before. The biggest complaint is the colours are far too subtle to put it up there in the pantheon of the greats like 2013 Vini Fantini or 2008 CSF-Navigare. It just needed an eye-bleeding additional colour as a stripe between the black and white. Maybe a garish metallic lavender, or neon green.

Bonus point for a sponsor whose logos are specifically placed to be covered up by dorsals.
I appreciate the transparency of the Androni et al team. They have sponsors; sponsors want us to know that they are sponsors. End of story.

I suspect for Pro Conti and below, jersey design is pretty low down on this list of priorities, somewhere below "survival" and "can we do better than Dacia for our team cars?"
Gianni Savio is the cycling equivalent of a GoFundMe. He keeps the team afloat by signing South American wunderkinds to long contracts they'll never fulfil, pockets the buyouts if they move up, pockets the winnings if they don't, and convincing several hundred thousand Italian small businesses to contribute €10 each for the privilege of your name being there for anybody who can be bothered to read the sports jersey equivalent of that XTC album which has a long article about the purpose of an album cover on its album cover.