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New Jerseys - 2023 Season - TeamKits-Maillots-Tricots-Tenues

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Laughing in Marc De Maar national champion of Curaçao.


This is the coolest.
It would definitely look better. Soudal is known in Belgium as a sponsors that refuses to let go of that white background tho. Every jersey of every team they sponsor in sports is basically ruined. They only way to make it look good is to have a white part on your jersey, like Lotto has done in the past (it was pretty easy for them to fit them in cause of the mutual red color) or like Senechals French NC jersey.

That Belgian NC jersey is horrible tho.

Fabio's is even worse.

A sponsor like that definitely makes it a lot more difficult to design a good outfit, but I am sure there are better options than the ones they came out with.
They look incredibly lazy.