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Is it then correct to assume that the two Anne are qualified unless FVE and/or PP get one (1) top-8 world cup or top-8 EC or top-12 WC? Or do FVE/PP also have to beat Anne and Anne?
It doesn't say anything about that, but I'm just assuming they will pick the one who they think has the most chance of winning a medal, all other factors being equal.
How Puck handles the step up to the Elites will be interesting. If Fem dominates the U23 this year, and does well early next season, who knows?
For the Dutch the major worry is the men; at the moment they won't be sending anybody
I don't know if Fem will stay with the U23s, I think her coach said they want to evaluate this summer if the Olympic dream is realistic and they won't really know that from racing with the U23s.

You're right about the men, there's three good or decent Dutch mountainbikers (Van der Poel, Vader, and Nordemann) and none of them has done any racing the past year.
May be we won't see MVdP next winter.
"Last year, of course, it was because of my back," Van der Poel said, referring to his late start to the 2022 road campaign.
"But when I don't do cyclocross I have a good build-up [for the road season]. That's the problem – it's so busy. I didn't want to miss the Worlds in Hoogerheide for all the money in the world. But if I had to map out the perfect winter now, it would be one without cyclocross."
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