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So, I contacted Eurosport Player support and they confirmed me that they won't show the U23 races there.

Only on GCN App. Once again, terrible service by the self called Home of Cycling. Let's find a VPN so I can watch the 4 races on Sporza.
Yet on the list of broadcasters, Eurosport Player was listed as showing the U23 Live. To be honest, I'm not impressed with the way GCN have gone about their CX coverage; last season the Worlds were free on YouTube, plus the Elites on Red Bull TV.
I'll just have to miss the U23 races, and watch the Elites on the BBC website/ iPlayer instead of Eurosport Player, as they've annoyed me.
Definitely much much harder course than expected and also significantly more technical on the grass. The level of the U23 is super high and yet they struggle on so many sections of the course and even among the top ten there are so many mistakes. Kudos and it's going to be a long hard day for these riders.
In your case I assume it’s just a feeling. In my case it’s based on the fact that the course, at least in today’s conditions, was more technical than initially thought.
You could be right. But the beach part looked so hard that I would expect him to loose to much time there. But you could be right, he might take enough time on the more technical part. Have to say I was very impressed with how he handled not being selected. And his dad as well. Without his injury he would have been part of the selection I think.
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My feeling was just the opposite. Based on just a feeling. Nothing more.
He would have been 3rd Belgian today. He should definitely have been selected, it's a crying shame and the first cracks in the "objectivity" of Vantourenhout. *** decision not to bring him and take cannon fodder instead. No disrespect to some of these guys, but the long term vision of taking some of them instead is laughable at best.

Nys is an excellent runner, and the most technical adept of all U23. He would definitely have had excellent placement going into the sand, but would have suffered on the hard sand sections.
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