Tadej Pogacar and Mauro Giannetti

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Sep 21, 2020
i think he used a motor on the flat part. i don’t have any evidence, just suspicious behaviour.

No way this guy is faster than dumoulin on flat road, he even was on a downwards trajectory before this stage. He arrived to the climb totally fresh, calm and even had the nerve to carefully place his cycle on the car. Now compare this to Roglic.

He knew he did not have to pace the climb, just full gas without cycling computer, because he was fresh.

this explains his climbing performance and his alien perfomance on flat road.
I suspect the notion that doping riders tone down their efforts during key winning moments of the biggest event in the sport in order to appear "more believable" resides purely in The Clinic fantasy.

If you dope, you dope to win.

is it a fantasy? let me be clear, i dont think they would do it to make it believable for audience, because audience doesnt really care much anyway, i would think its much more important to make it believable for other competitors because if somebody decides to talk and bring this whole thing down its gonna be a disgruntled cyclist from another team

so if i am allowing TP to get away with something i cannot possibly do it at the expense of JV because they gonna be angry (and you can see with Dumoulin, he might not be angry publicly but at least he is surprised because he knows what is and what isnt possible) - so what now? is this the start of arms race? if TP can do it will everyone or selected few demand the same treatment?

or maybe we all are wrong and TP had just a good day and everyone will stay quiet and pretend its evolution despite the outrageous numbers because afterall, they all are in this together
View: https://twitter.com/friebos/status/1308037778622550016

At my university I have developed a platform called "metabolic", in which with just three drops of blood at rest you can measure metabolic parameters on mitochondrial function, utilization of carbohydrates, fats and proteins; to measure fatigue and recovery. What in principle is the latest research in cancer and other diseases when it comes to measuring the cellular metabolic response, we are developing it to apply to the team cyclists, to know their capabilities to the last detail. And in those measurements Tadej, compared to already very good cyclists, is at another level.

His performance in the mountains was expected, but also that of the 30 flat kilometers of the TT?

His was, but not so much the final sinking of Roglic. In a final time trial of a great lap, it matters a lot how you arrived in one piece and your ability to recover, and in that Tadej is outstanding. We didn't need the potentiometer on either bike. We told him to go to the top, because he knows how to calculate well to go to his top for one hour either in the goat bike or in the normal one, which is around 415w for his 65kg. We preferred it to be like that instead of being pending of potentiometer.
We don't know. The only one we know is Lemond. But that belonged to a different era.
From the 90's and 2000's is very hard to compete clean. Very.
Well by definition you never actually know. You either know that they're not clean, or you don't know. So really the last time we knew that we didn't know was Froome, who I would say was as on another level as Pogacar overall, though the ITT of Pogacar might be more distinctive. And I know everyone will say we know he's doping, but you actually don't, you just suspect it. LeMond might be less suspect but you ultimate no more know he was clean (or dirty) than you do Froome.
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That's true. He just doesn't have a genuine smile at all it seems? Take SKA (who seems like a very shy guy, whereas Pogacar actually seems pretty extroverted in nature), he seems overwhelmed as well, doesn't know what to say, but he still oozes genuine happiness.
Actually, Pogacar seems like the definition of the word introvert to me. Although I did wonder if there is a cultural aspect to it as his behaviour appears to be an exact copy of Roglic's.
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Ah yes, dr San Millan.
I know that it was difficult to escape doping in the nineties and early '00, but this is a very 'dirty' resumé.

"His cycling experience includes work with 6 professional cycling teams, 1 Tour de France winner and 16 Grand Tour (Tour de France, Giro d'Italia, and Vuelta a España) podium finishers, including teams such as Vitalicio Seguros, ONCE, Saunier Duval, and Astana. He has worked with riders such as Joseba Beloki, Abraham Olano, Chris Horner, Fred Rodriguez, Jorge Jackshe, Leonardo Piepoli, David Millar, and Alexander Vinokourov. "
It's funny. After years of people saying that Froome is a doper as a guy out of Africa didn't show his results early. The same people are stunned that some with all the coaching from a young age is suspicious because he wins at 21 but didn't win everything at 18.

Maybe in future we can pick dopers as to when they get rid of their stabilisers.

The guy never won a TT against any competition before the lockdown.

In his jr career, he won the Junior Slovenian TT by beating Nika Cemazar by 2 seconds. He was the fastest out of 3 competitors listed.

In 2019 he won the Slovenian National TT championship over Mohoric (not known for his excellence in the discipline to put it mildly) by 30 seconds.

That’s it. He’s posted solid TT results as a pro, but you would think that he would have won 1 TT against other riders in his age group since he started competing in 2015.

All of a sudden we come out of lockdown and he beats Roglic twice. Not only that, he rivals Dumoulin on the flat section of PDBF. Not Samuel Dumoulin we’re talking about here. This is the big guy, arguably the best at his discipline. Not to mention Roglic, who has won countless TTs since turning pro, and Van Aert. He not only beat them, he crushed them.

He could’ve developed into an excellent TTer, but there is no result listed that could explain this sudden massive jump.